Harboured Sounds

Daniel Merrill from Dead Rat Orchestra

Daniel says

I find it difficult to say precisely what it is I seek to achieve through my music; such considerations seem to reduce music to utilitarian or mechanistic considerations. For me music is a reflection of understandings and relations between people, communities, locations and socio-political structures. I will continue to make music regardless because for me it creates an opportunity to explore these ideas with others. It is not simply the music, but the settings of the performances and the conversations with audiences and other performers that are essential, as it is in these moments when small changes of perspective lead to new considerations, new adventures. I will always make music, regardless of whether the music is achieving anything in itself – it is the interactions that it leads to that are most essential.


UK Based musician, violinist , composer and performer and 1/3 of the renowned experimental folk ensemble Dead Rat Orchestra.

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