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Griselda says

Originally from Scotland and now based in South West England, Griselda Sanderson is a musician and producer who plays traditional fiddle, violin, viola and nyckelharpa – a Swedish bowed, keyed fiddle with sympathetic strings. She specialises in music from oral traditions, which has led to collaborations with West and North African musicians amongst others. Recent performances include dates with Simo Lagnawi’s Gnawa Blues All-Stars, the poet Alice Oswald, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Amadou Diagne Band and traditional Scots/Irish outfit The Steampacket, as well as her solo performances of traditional Swedish music on the nyckelharpa. 

As a producer she has worked with Gambian riti (one-stringed fiddle) player Juldeh Camara (currently touring with Robert Plant’s Sensational Shape Shifters), Waulk Elektrik, Tamaraneh, The Elvers and most recently Moroccan gnawa master Simo Lagnawi, whose two albums she produced. The latter of these she also played on and the group recently did a live BBC Radio 3 session for World on 3.

Upcoming projects include a double-album of traditional Scottish and other Northern-European sounds with her extended family and a collaboration with the now Devon-based English folksinger Gavin Davenport A recording of Tithonus, Alice Oswald’s poem for voice and nyckelharpa will be aired on 21st December on BBC Radio 4

Harboured sounds is a great idea. It’ll be like a quayside where we musicians can show people what we have on offer. The quality of the photos and videos is fantastic and as a platform it will hopefully bring new life to the music scene in the area by making acts of all kinds more visible. The Bristol area has a vast wealth of musical history that goes way back. Music is a valuable resource for all people and it’s important to demonstrate that so we can enjoy our humanity, share our diverse cultures and enrich our lives peacefully together. Griselda

Griselda Sanderson is one of six musical children of violin-maker Derick Sanderson who resided in Clackmannanshire, Central Scotland. Her first band Waulk Elektrik was formed with her brother Larry, also a fiddler. They toured extensively in the 1990s playing at festivals such as Cropredy, Towersey, Sidmouth and WOMAD. The band released four albums and started their own label Waulk Records that has continued to this day.

After her brother Larry was seriously injured in a road accident she formed the trio Spyka with Mike Cosgrave and James Dumbelton (Waulk Elektrik, Jackie Oates Band) based in the West Country.

In 2010 she joined forces with Gambian riti player (a one-stringed West African fiddle) Juldeh Camara to form the group Julaba Kunda, and in 2011 they released a collaborative album Traders on the Waulk Records label that combined and contrasted their fiddle traditions.

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