Harboured Sounds

Henry Slim

Henry says

Strictly speaking I first started on music at 9 years old, when my dad gave me a beautiful silver Yahama trumpet & arranged for me to take lessons at school. I took to it pretty well but gave it up at 13, soon after the excellent teacher I’d had for the previous 4 years retired from the school. His replacement tried to start me on Grades, and threatened to make me play in front of the entire school at a music recital night. As a cripplingly shy 13-year-old, this was a notion that terrified me! With that shadow hanging over me & the prospect of having study for the grade exams, I quit the trumpet – something which I now regret.

About 5 years later, the Blues bug got me and along with that an itch to start playing music against myself. Piano & harmonica had been my favourite instruments for a long time, so in 2006 I decided to take some piano lessons to learn the basics. Six months later, I bought a marine band harmonica, and the rest is history.

I use Hohner marine band harmonicas that I’ve modified myself (I’m a harmonica technician).  For amplified playing, I have a few bullet mics with vintage elements, and a custom-built 18-watt tube amp from Rosewell Amps.

I taught myself harp from playing along to recordings of guys like Rice Miller, Slim Harpo, Sonny Terry, and later on – Little Walter & Walter Horton. I was also influenced by piano players such as Leroy Carr & Big Maceo Merriweather.

I’m in a band called Ramblin’ Tyme, we play a mixture of country, folk & blues & do shows around the south west. (taken from fandalism.com)

Henry has  now joined the band Screamin’ Miss Jackson And The Slap Ya’ Mama Big Band and has a busy night life around the Bristol bars and clubs with regular gigs at all the best Rhythm and Blues spots.

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