Harboured Sounds

Isolde Freeth-Hale

Isolde Freeth-Hale says

I’m a singer-songwriter from London based in Bristol. My songs explore the relationship between the modern everyday world and a realm that’s a bit more ancient and wild. I think of them more like sound paintings and collages, as I grew up around a lot of art rather than music. The harmonies & melodies are like colours & shapes & the found sounds are like textures. My songs are a bit like a scrapbook of my life, stories & lessons which I wish to remember & share as they might be useful to someone else. I think harboured sounds is a wonderful opportunity to document, share & experience music at the heart of What Bristol is about. The harbour is a special place for locals, tourists & artists alike.

The Harboured Sounds team were really supportive and professional and they just love what they do. Our video was shot in the evening, so it was a little windy, but it didn’t matter, the lights on the harbour were so magical & created a beautiful backdrop for the video. Overall a very positive & fruitful experience, thanks for involving me! X” Isolde Freeth-Hale

Issi is a Singer/Songwriter, Vocal Coach, Musical Director and Therapist specialising in ‘Vocal massage’. She teaches under the company name of ‘Out of the Voicebox’, which sums up her aim in helping people to discover their voices. With a fruity toolbox of insights taken from a background in Classical, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Popular, World and Folk traditions, Estill, Natural Voice as well as Improvisation, Composition, Creative Writing, Theatre, Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Dance, Meditation and Remedial Massage, Issi keeps both group and one-to-one sessions fresh, dynamic and interesting, as she leads you through a range of vocal games and exercises that inspire your creativity and expression, develop your musical skills, and teach you how to take care of your voice. Most importantly though, she infects you with the love and joy that can be found in singing, especially when singing together in harmony.

She currently runs two choirs in Bristol, The Morning Chorus (Stoke’s Croft), and The Create Choir (Create Centre, Hotwells), and founded the Leeds One Voice Choir. She also runs singing weekends and workshops, teaches one-to-one, and treats voice users who suffer from vocal tension and/or are recovering from vocal injuries.

 In her own work, Issi is inspired by Acappella singing, World Folk Music, Jazz/Soul/Blues, Urban grooves and found sounds from the natural and man-made world.

She has a new EP coming out soon called ‘Seed Bud Bloom‘. She is also a member of Bristol based vocal trio ‘Eko’, with Singer/Songwriter Lauren Bradford, and Singer/Songwriter Julia Turner (also co-leader of the Gasworks Choir). They draw upon Jazz, Soul, Blues and World Folk music, and sing their own compositions. In the past she has sung with Jazz acapella quintet, ‘Solaris’, and Samzeo, the touring support of the Shavnabada Georgian Choir. (taken from Natural Voice)

Here is The Eko Collectives Music Video ‘The Cutlery Shed’


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