Harboured Sounds

Julia Turner

Julia says

When I write and perform my music I do so to share my experiences of life, my vulnerabilities as a human being and my passion for song. I hope to inspire and engage audiences and to interact with others along the way.

“I have really enjoyed working with Harboured Sounds to capture my music in the beauty and buzz of the Bristol Harbourside. The sessions were short and laid back, the backdrop was whatever was going on that day on the busy water front and we finished the session with a chat and a beer. Music is so often over-produced and Dan’s idea of recording Bristol musicians in an intimate and honest way is a great one. I’m really looking forward to getting an introduction to many new artists through Harboured Sounds’ films!” Julia Turner

A jazz loving singer/songwriter Julia Turner draws from a large repertoire of original songs and old but thrillingly fresh standards. Julia studied jazz at Leeds College of Music and then flew half way around the world to explore her paternal homeland of Australia. After romantic notions of being a waitress in Melbourne fell flat she busked her way out of a dead end job and started writing all about it. She spins her stories through intricate vocal melodies and deft finger picking guitar.

Soon after taking to the streets of Melbourne Julia began writing a weekly blog to record her busking experiences and to provide her with an outlet for her compositional ideas. This Blog played a significant part in getting her music to an international audience. This online community supported Julia in raising money to help pay for the recording of the album. The blog presents a wider perspective on the experiences that inspired her music, it maps each song’s journey in real time as it grows from an idea to a recorded track.

Back home in Bristol Julia continues to write and perform both as a solo musician and with back up from the many musicians she meets along the way. She has a keen passion for vocal harmony and spends much of her time arranging for and directing large and small vocal ensembles.

City Synchronicity is a collection of songs inspired by a year lived 10,000 miles from home, busking and blogging in Melbourne.
City Synchronicity is available as a CD or a download here

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