Harboured Sounds

Lauren Bradford

Lauren was the very first artist to step aboard the Harboured Sounds project and we are more than happy to have her represent us on our first episode! This page will let you know a little more about each artist and what they thought about their time with us.

Lauren says
I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and later moved the UK. Since moving to England at 18, I have lived in various parts of the country. My muse for writing has always been about gaining new insight and culture and how these new experiences relate to my inner self.  This is where my love for traveling stems from.  The purpose of my songs is to convey an underlying deeper message with my lyrical content, through the use of natural tones and honest emotion.

“Harboured Sounds provides artists with a vibrant, scenic, and natural environment to share their stories with a greater audience; an experience I am proud to have been a part of”  Lauren Bradford

Lauren grew up on a healthy diet of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Etta James, and the Temptations, which explains the brazen soulfulness that seeps through into her delicately picked folk songs.

The otherworldly sound she creates is comparable to a female Nick Drake, with more vocal runs. Lauren explores life the way her melodies explore notes, she is a lover of travel and movement and has lived in Liverpool, Leeds and Bristol since arriving in the UK in 2010, soaking up their music along the way.

Her story-rich lyrics draw you in close to her warm and inquisitive worldview, while her hypnotic guitar patterns create a bed on which her voice sets sail. Listening to Lauren provides you with one of your musical 5 a day, she brings you down to earth, while her playful sweetness is sure to entertain and charm.

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