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Mankala say

The aim has always been… and always will be… to write, perform and record original music, bringing positivity, love and dance to those people exposed to it, as well as satisfying our truth and purpose in life as individual musicians, coming together to collaborate as one in Mankala.

What we accomplishing or not in the long run is not so important to us as is to move forward as a band enjoying every moment, every rehearsal, every gig, whether it be busking, a local club or on the main stage of major festival… It’s this joy, love and commitment for what we do, together with the interaction with our audiences, that gives us the energy to continue performing, writing, recording and releasing new songs.

“We think that the music that is created by musicians in a certain city will always be influenced by the city itself… not only directly by the music scenes and by the people, but somehow by the buildings and the outdoor spaces… the environment always influences the music. Bristol is a very creative city thriving on independent business, environmental concern and international culture, and acts as a magnet, attracting not only musicians but many artists and alternative creative people from all over the world.  

An online media space such as ‘Harboured Sounds’, containing high quality videos of local bands in their local environment, provides a platform to showcase our music and the music of Bristol for the world to hear. This can’t be anything else but a beautiful and truthful project and Mankala are honoured to be a part of it. We think that this will not only enrich Bristol as a city but thanks to the internet and social media, will reach out to anybody that visits the website… wherever they are in the world” Mankala

High-Energy Pan-African Coalition Music, directly inspired by elements of Soukous, Township and Afro Beat as well as Rumba, Cumbia, Samba and Reggae. Mankala forges original and joyous roots dance music adding a distinctive and unique style to this rich blend of genres.

Mankala have been performing their unique high energy-pan-African-coalition music across the lengths of the UK and beyond since 2003, from the local bars, pubs and venues of their home town of Bristol to the internationally renowned Jazz World Stage at Glastonbury Festival (now The West Holts Stage), via the beautiful fields of Shambala, Green Man, Sunrise, Mannifest, Secret Garden, Larmer Tree, Bestival and many more…

Formed by a multi-national collective of Bristol based musicians, the band has a unique sound that reflects their common love for African-rooted rhythms. Since its origins, Mankala has evolved and transformed, expanded and adapted, yet throughout the years and the changes, has always maintained the original drive and core energy with one prevailing vision: to create authentic joyous roots dance music with a story behind each song! Good music produces good vibes and good vibes produce even better music!

Mankala has released 2 studio albums: Speak Your Mind (2007) & Remedy (Oct 2013). The band performs in a variety of formats, from a stripped down five-piece line-up, to a full nine-piece band including a horn section.

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