Harboured Sounds

Matt Elliott

HIs say

I’m Matt Elliott, a singer, guitarist, producer, remixer type person. I started with my project “Third Eye Foundation” in the mid nineties and released 5 albums under this name and did a bunch of remixes and still do to this day. in the early 2000’s I started making I guess what could be called new folk or some such bollocks and released it under my own name. I’ve released 6 albums under this name and am currently working on the 7th and slowly trying to start work on a new Third Eye Foundation album.


“I normally hate doing these kind of sessions and only really agreed because it was in my home town and despite not being able to watch the session the guys involved were just awesome and very easy t work with. Bristol has such a great musical heritage it’s great that harbour sounds are trying to capture the special something Bristol has” Matt Elliott


Matt Elliott is an English folk guitarist and singer from Bristol, who plays dark folk music. He started as The Third Eye Foundation in 95, Released the first album ‘Semtex’ 96. Released 3 other albums under this name with Domino Records, The music has been described as ‘Post Rock’, ‘Ghost Rock’, ‘Drum & Bass’, ‘Drill & Bass’ but actually sounds a bit drum & bass/ Glitchtronica with dark atmospheres, reversed voices, broken orchestras etc. Has recorded under the name Matt Elliott since 2001 and has released his 6th album ‘Only Myocardial Infarction Can Break Your Heart’ 

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