Harboured Sounds

Soufian Saihi

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His Say

I once had a fever when I was 5 or 6 years of age; I started hallucinating and saw a tiny guitarist with long hair jumping up and down in my cupboard. I told mum when she came into the room and she assured me there was nothing in the cupboard but clothes, she closed it and stayed with me for a while, when she left I opened the cupboard, quickly jumped into bed and enjoyed the rest of a great performance. Next day I joined the town’s youth centre choir. 25 years later I moved to Bristol, I am very happy it is the birthplace of some of the nearest compositions to my heart and I am looking forward to be inspired here and to write many more.


A very big thank you to Dan and the Harboured Sounds team for having me. I just can’t imagine Bristol harbourside with no Harboured Sounds. Keep up the great work.



KARAMA was formed by Moroccan Oud player and composer Soufian Saihi in 2011, his compositions fuse tradition with modernity, finding inspiration from the sacred Gnawa music, North African and Classical Arabic music.

KARAMA’s songs tell the story of the immigrant, the homeless, technology and the Arab Spring. Their music wonders brilliantly through diverse sonic landscapes, meditative, funky and beautifully melodic.

Since the release of their first album ‘’One year in London” in 2011 the band performed in many prestigious venues and festivals. Its music was broadcast during Soufian’s appearances on many TV and Radio shows notably by the BBC, MBC and Al Ghad Al Arabi channels, KARAMA is now considered one of the most popular Arabic bands in the UK.

With members from Venezuela, Spain, Japan, Morocco and the UK, KARAMA is a unique experience.