Harboured Sounds

Suzy Condrad

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Her say

I’m Suzy Condrad and I sing, beatbox and play many instruments at once with the help of my loop pedal. I’m into good old fashioned melodies and harmonies and experimenting with effects and unusual sounds. At the moment I’m using a synthesiser, ukulele, autoharp, glocks, chimes and anything else I can find. I love being able to do it all on my own.


“Shooting was fun. I chose to arrange a new song with minimal instrumentation – just voice, beer bottles and thumb piano – as we were shooting outdoors with traffic noise and a tiny amp. It was hard to hear some of the sounds at times, but worth it for the atmosphere and the autumn leaves.

Harboured Sounds have worked really hard to create an amazing showcase. It’s lovely to have a snapshot of the amazing, vibrant Bristol scene at a certain place and time. Everyone was great to work with and I look forward to seeing more artists appear!” Suzy




Suzy Condrad sings, beatboxes, plays ukulele, synth, maracas, glockenspiel, tin whistle, casio keyboard, guitar, glass bottles and many another things you have never heard of- all at the same time with the help of a loop station. Expect unexpected quirky, tight alternative pop with many twists and turns.


In 2009 Suzy Condrad awoke from dreamy folk melancholia, laid down her guitar and bought her first loop station. She learned to beatbox, rediscovered the Fisher Price toys and Casio keyboards of her childhood and scoured the internet for obscure instruments and objects to add to her musical cauldron.

2010 brought the live-style, lo-fi EP ‘Sea of Me’. In 2011 Suzy became Boss UK Looping Champion and went on to compete for the UK in the World Championships in 2012. In 2013 she completed debut self-recorded, produced and released studio album ‘She of Little Faith’.

2014 saw a UK tour with US Looping Champion Angela Sheik, BBC Introducing airplay and a great reception on the festival circuit, including performances at Green Gathering, Shambala and Beautiful Days to name but a few.


Irresistible pop feather light and fathoms deep‘ – Venue Magazine


Suzy Condrad is mesmerising and hypnotic… we were blown away, you will be too!’ – Itchycoo Festival