Harboured Sounds

The Flamenco Thief

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His Say

My name’s Craig Sutton, aka The Flamenco Thief, and I’m a solo guitar-looper from the South West of England. I play a classical Spanish guitar and use a loop station when performing live to layer my songs. The guitar has custom built pickups which allows me to use its body as a percussive instrument and add a layer of beats in my compositions. Along with my tour manager and sound engineer we’ve so far trekked across three continents and 35 countries while I perform my music along the way. In 2014 we completed our longest tour to date, the Shoot the Moon tour, which lasted ten months and included 218 shows.The Flamenco Thief currently has one EP and one album recorded, and once we schedule a long enough period in the UK to get back in the studio I have another albums worth of material ready to go.

“I’m originally form Warminster but it wasn’t until I moved to Bath that I really established myself as a solo artist. A huge factor in that transition was being so close to Bristol and all the opportunities that are afforded to emerging artists in the city. Harboured Sounds is great example of this; a small group of music enthusiasts capitalising on a beautiful aspect of the city and using it to promote quality music. For me personally, having previously performed in so many of the venues around the harbour while I was establishing myself on the scene, it’s great to come back from Europe and play some songs in the open air!” Craig


Craig Sutton, better known as The Flamenco Thief, is an English guitarist whose phenomenal rise within the DIY music scene has seen him become one of the busiest touring artists in the country. Specializing in fast rhythmic guitar playing Craig has earned a reputation for mesmerising live performances in which he uses a Spanish acoustic guitar with the Boss RC loop pedal to blend modern rhythms with time-honoured Flamenco techniques. A particularly resourceful musician, Craig also utilizes the guitar as a percussive instrument, layering metronomic hip-hop beats by carefully beating the body; creating a unique energy that few solo instrumentalists manage to achieve.

 Craigs early influences of ska, hip-hop and gypsy swing are evident throughout his music, helping him craft a catalogue of songs that are intelligent but accessible.Craigs compositions revere Flamencos heritage while embracing music technology, and as a result each song is delicately poised between the classical and contemporary.

 “…hes making waves with his original and lively sound” – Londonist


National demand will soon lure Craig away from our humble local venues.” – The Bath Chronicle