Harboured Sounds

Theo Bard

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Theo’s say

My name is Theo Bard, musician and human. I write and compose songs; personal stories of friendship, love and music – it’s all about trying to capture my own experiences in a way that resonates with others, to bring people together around music. I live my life for music and you can always find me singing and playing my guitar, whether that be round a campfire with my friends, busking in London’s busy markets, or playing shows around the UK, solo and with my band. I run a music night in Hackney called Woodburner which is home to an incredible family of musicians from around the globe. My music draws on this melting pot and is infused with folk, blues, electronic and Afro influences, creating a unique sound of my own. I recently released a new EP called You Give, which I produced myself and features some of the amazing musicians I am so lucky to know.

“I have strong connections to Bristol – I have many friends here and have played lots of shows here in the past year – so I was really happy to be invited to take part in Harboured Sounds. The song I’m singing, Memories of Dublin, is my new single and I’m playing it here with what I effectionately call my ‘downstairs mix up’ – kick drum and tambourine played with my feet. When I play solo, it helps to create a much bigger sound.” Theo



Theo Bard is a man on a mission. Whether rocking late-night shows with his band, spellbinding listening audiences with his beautiful, heartfelt songs and storytelling to match, or singing his unique urban folk songs as a vagabond one-man-band busker, Theo always brings a music and a vibe that feels just right.

An honest and distinctive voice, deep guitar styles, uplifting grooves and life-loving lyrics combine to make a sound that is both timeless and contemporary. Hook it all onto catchy melodies and beats to lift your feet and you find an exceptional artist drawing sounds from across the musical spectrum, reflecting the diversity of his beloved London.

His songs celebrate love, friendships and good times, the thrills and spills of busking in Londons markets, and his legendary Woodburner music nights in Hackney.

Theo kick-started 2015 with extensive touring in the UK, Belgium and Germany, and he’s had a busy summer of touring and festivals with appearances at Glastonbury, Wilderness, Camp Bestival and a host of others.

His new EP, You Give was released on October 9 2015 and is available to buy on Bandcamp and all the usual digital channels.

a reggae-infused pop philosopheron the cusp of very good things” – The Guardian

For an acoustic singer/songwriter Theo Bard always somehow managed to convey the sense of an epic rock band playing unplugged. Now he has a band in tow including Björk drummer Tansay Omar you can only guess hes found the on switch and an even bigger groove.– John Blakely, Eartrumpet Music