Harboured Sounds

Thom Quentin Leigh

Thom says

I am a 22 year old Bristol based singer-songwriter. Over the past year or so I’ve divided my time between University, recording homemade demos and playing shows. Now that I’ve finally graduated Uni I’m committing myself full time to my music, writing and playing as many shows as possible. I’ve been working on my debut EP for a few months now, which shouldn’t be too soon away from being ready to release.

Regarding Harboured Sounds, any platform able to showcase musicians I’m all for and support 100%. Especially when it’s based in Bristol as its music scene is ridiculously vibrant and contains some really great artists. Harboured Sounds holds so much quality and the people behind it are so great and easy going.  HS is certainly shining a light on what Bristol holds and has to offer. Thom Quentin Leigh

Previously known as Isle Clay, Thom sings melancholically about love gone wrong and his dulcet vocals fittingly flow over his emotive songs.He is currently working on his debut EP and the few tracks he previously put out is an indicator of something very special to come.(taken from Cat Records)

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