Harboured Sounds

Will Newsome

Will’s say

I started my adult musical life as a ‘bedroom guitarist’ – my friends coaxed me out about ten years ago and since then I’ve been enjoying working out how to play my instruments, harvesting lyrics from my travel diaries and playing gigs around the UK, Europe and Japan.
I like to improvise alone and there are a few people I have a good musical understanding with but I’m keen to develop my ability to have musical conversations and be more gregarious. I lack theory. It takes a bit of fumbling about at the beginning but meeting musically with people is very rewarding.
Simply, I want to make music I’ve never heard before and I love to travel so if I can do both those things and make people smile, think, cry, dance, close their eyes or listen for a while then I’m very content.


“I’m surprised no-one’s made an ongoing set of Bristol based sessions before. In fact it’s something I’ve talked, at length, about doing with other people.
I’m also glad that the Harboured Sounds crew have done it because they’re lovely and the films they shoot are beautiful. I’d be surprised if anyone could do it better. There’s a lot of talent in and passing through Bristol and it’s a fascinating place. I look forward to seeing more sessions on Harboured Sounds and I hope it goes on for years and years and years…” Will Newsome


Will Newsome is a singer-songwriter from Bristol.  He plays the Kora amongst other instruments, and is also a member of ‘The Hand’ with Rachael Dadd.


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