Harboured Sounds

Eko Collective

The Eko Collective is made up of Julia TurnerLauren Bradford and Isolde. The three vocalists first came together through acapella harmony. They’d meet weekly to sing and interspersed with the singing was lots of talk about music and life in general while drinking large quantities of tea. When Lauren decided to leave Bristol the trio were loathe to let their strong bonds drift apart. One day they had a long discussion about the best gigs that they’d been to and out of this conversation came lots of ideas about what makes a perfect gig. Three key factors emerged. Firstly they agreed it is important that the artists appear genuine and that they share their music and a part of themselves with warmth and generosity. They also felt that the overall experience needed to be thought about so that the venue and structure of the night were selected suit the mood of the music. Lastly they agreed that it is important for the audience to feel engaged and that they have played a part of the creation of the evening.

The trio were so enthused at the end of this conversation that they wanted to have a go at creating their ideal gig for a shared audience. So emerged The Eko Collective.

We are three independent female musicians who come together to share our music with each other and a wider audience. Our gigs feature songs written and performed by each of us with our independent projects as well as moments when we come together to share the stage and sing in joyful harmony.