Harboured Sounds

Simo Lagnawi


Simo Lagnawi is the U.K’s leading Guembri player and Gnawa Master.Simo’s New album ‘The Gnawa Berber’ was released on the 20th October under the World Music Network’s award winning label
‘Riverboat Records’
http://www.worldmusic.net/store/item/TUG1086  It has just been voted ‘best album’ for November in the World music Network charts, and will be reviewed in next month’s Songlines magazine. Simo is becoming recognised as the outstanding musician that he is. His fan base is expanding steadily as he endeavors to spread understanding of the sacred Gnawa tradition, and to introduce his own movements of Gnawa fusion to wider audiences.Recent gigs include ‘Africa on the Square’ on Trafalgar Square for ‘Open The Gate’ on the 11th October, and that same evening he performed in the Royal Albert Hall’s Elgar Room supporting Dele Sosimi.