Harboured Sounds

The Project


The Idea

Harboured Sounds is a platform which showcases musical talent in the form of videoed acoustic sessions and local events around the Harbourside in Bristol.

Since Harboured Sounds’ inception in Spring 2014 we have filmed a wide variety of talented artists, bringing together a multitude of different genres and musicians from diverse backgrounds in a harboured media space.




We have chosen to root our project in and around Bristol’s Harbourside – an iconic location in the heart of the city, as it is both a popular venue for busking musicians and a picturesque location for shooting videos and creating unique moments.

 Use this map to see where the sessions have been played in the Harbour!

Just click on the logo-HSAnchor  to go to the session!


 The Team

Our team is as diverse as the music in the project. We are very easy going and aim to make the experience enjoyable. It’s our philosophy in life and on this project to have as much of a good time as possible. So, let’s meet the team…


Dan King

Founder and Director of Harboured Sounds

What can I say other than I love music and cameras!?!Hs Dan-5742

Growing up in the sleepy village of Fairford, deprived of  almost any musical night life except the local pub’s jukebox, on which such artists as Queen, Meatloaf and Bon Jovi are stuck on loop and having a deep passion for the art, I always hungered for more opportunity to see such talents in the world. Whether it was on the net, on a CD, bedroom, mates’ house parties DJing or seeing live shows, it was my favorite hobby and a perfect way to relax. Years later I began to get a more varied taste in music whilst travelling to different countries, cities, villages and sometimes tribal communities. But for me what I always notice is that music is a fantastic way to connect people – that’s something I feel strongly about. It can be an icebreaker in an awkward conversation, it can be a conflict breaker in time of war or simply something that carries people through the bad and good times. It’s something we can all relate to on some level. I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve heard a new musician or band that’s brought something exciting and motivational to my life. I’m sure I wouldn’t be in this place right now without it.  

Musically, I hunger for story telling and deeper meanings, more than just simple rhythmic sounds on loop. I was brought up listening to Rock and Indie music as my parents thought they were pretty trendy at the time and I always wanted to know the meaning and the reason they were singing. In my teens I turned to Hip-Hop as lyrically it fulfilled my need to know about more varied ways of living and life situations.  I guess I like to learn something but also it was the best thing to DJ. Later on I turned my ears to different genres, too many to mention, but I would say that now I have a good ear for new, exciting artists with something to say.

In my years of being a Carpenter, Photographer/Filmmaker and Music Promoter I’ve learnt how to shape and create things that I feel are important that will last the test of time.  This project is about combining skills, after years of developing them, to bring something unique to the to the city of Bristol and the arts it holds, both of which I have both fallen in love with.

Harboured Sounds is my biggest challenge to date having set the goal of filming acoustic sessions in a very beautiful but ever changing place in the world!  We literally never know what the weather will bring to us and preparation is key, though I’ve realised that there is only so much we can prepare for! But one thing I am sure of is that the moments we have shared so far on this journey are some that I’ll never forget and I owe it all to my team and the brilliant musicians that have been supporting the project and working alongside us to create something truly unique.”  Dan King


Anna Kidel 

Co project manager/ Administrator/ Event Project Management

UCH dan (14)-1Growing up in a musical family and going to music festivals and concerts since I was in the womb, music has always been an important part of my life and something I value greatly.


“Having recently returned to Bristol after 3 years studying in the Big Smoke, working for Harboured Sounds has proved the perfect opportunity to get involved in the city’s rich and renowned music scene and to meet a wealth of talented and inspiring musicians, whilst simultaneously developing my skills in arts administration and events management.”  Anna






Joanne Ball

Camera Operator/ Photographer/ Co Editor


 Music has always been an important part of my life and I believe it’s a great social equaliser. I was brought up on a musical diet of Rock and Roll, Blues, Soul, Reggae, Prog-Rock and sad Country ballads and have been a passionate listener from an early age. My proudly varied tastes encompass everything from American Roots music to dirty Drum and Bass, from sleazy 50s/60s Rhythm and Blues to hard Gypsy Folk, from the desert Blues of Mali to the psychedelic Chicha sounds of Peru and a shed-load in between. I’m a passable DJ of World, Rhythm and Blues and Soul and can make acceptable noises with a guitar and mandolin.

Originally from the salty slums of the East Kent coast, I moved to Bristol after many years in London and travelling the world. I’m an experimental and documentary filmmaker, my films have won awards and been screened at venues and festivals around the world including the Al Jazeera International Documentary Festival, the British Film Institute, the London Short Film Festival and the British Museum. I’ve a range of experience in broadcast TV (both drama and factual) and have worked for broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Al Jazeera and for award winning independents.

I am passionate about social equality and justice and I have travelled, filmed and volunteered around the world in places such as Burma, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Nepal and of course locally.  It’s been a beautiful experience to work on this project, to get to know, and to contribute to the cultural life of Bristol.

 “Being part of Harboured Sounds I get to combine three of my passions – appeasing my salty sea dog needs at the Harbour, shooting performances and listening to awesome musicians who are part of, or passing through Bristol’s music scene. Harboured Sounds brings creative exposure to artists from people who are really passionate about music.” Joanne


 Victoria Talavera

Administrator/ Onset and Online Strategist/ Assistant/ Promotor

Victoria Portrait-5213

Originally from Spain, I have been living in Bristol since February 2014. I decided to come to Bristol as it is one of the most famous cities in the UK  for music and art, features that I always value wherever I go.

Within the music scene my interest in styles began with Rock, Punk, Grunge, Gypsy music and Reggae and then it extended to Electronica and Experimental music.

Currently though, I enjoy listening to all kinds of music and I love to discover new styles from all over the world. I love the variety!

My profession as an engineer has developed my ability to positively develop any project with precise execution.  Within Harboured Sounds I can combine professionalism and passion as I am the person in charge of the logistics, planning, web development and assisting the team during the recordings.

 Harboured Sounds gives me the opportunity to meet great artists who show passion for what they do. No doubt this experience will mark my way through this stage of my life and I encourage everyone to share it with us! Its really a unique project to Bristol and to my life.Victoria



Ailbhe Ní Chaoimh

Art and Graphic Designer

Ailbhe-5I’m Ailbhe (pronounced Alva) and have been living in the UK for the past five years after growing up in Dublin and then Luxembourg. I went to university in Bath to study Graphic Communication and then moved to the wonderfully creative city of Bristol to follow my passion for design.

Moving here was definitely a good choice. The city is full of life, art, music and a love for a green way of living, so it suits me very well. Since finishing uni and living here I have been working on developing my design skills, working on my own projects, doing photography and also a number of voluntary creative jobs to build up my portfolio.

For me it is quite important that I am passionate or a have a good interest in what or who I am working for. With Harboured Sounds, I was drawn to the idea of it immediately as I love music, and the idea of promoting musicians around the beautiful surrounds of the Harbour really appealed to me. I had a lot of fun working with Daniel to create the logos for Harboured Sounds and am really proud to be able to say that I have worked on such a good project.

With regards to music, personally I have always had a broad interest in many different genres. Growing up in a few places gave me a love for different cultures and hearing and seeing different kinds of music. Since moving to Bath and then Bristol I have developed a passion for Brazilian music and drumming, and play in a number of different bands where we play styles including Samba, Maracatu and Afro Reggae. I am also really passionate about bass music and I think Bristol is certainly a hub for this. Apart from that, any kind of music that transports me to somewhere else or just makes me feel really good in some way is what I search for.

“Harboured Sounds is a great way to discover new music and I hope the project will spread all the wonderful sounds from city to city.” Ailbhe


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